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Welcome to the FAQ In this area of our site, you will find the answers to the frequently asked questions, as well as answers to How do I and Did you know questions. Please feel free to post a comment on any Q&A.

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What softwares or toolboxes are useful, and their dependencies
42 Code Request Page
Edit category Octave For issues in Octave
4 I installed new version of Octave, but can't find where to put my files. Where should I place them?
6 Hi, I have installed quantlib 0.9.0 recently. Could someone guide me on how to price a callable/puttable cms range accrual using it? Thanks.
Edit category GSL
6 How do I use GSL in C#?
Edit category R
5 How do I price exotic options using R?
2 I know Matlab. What is the easiest way to start using GnuPlot without waiting for the learning curve ?
Questions about using this website
7 About QuantCode
 Quantitative Finance
Submit Q&A for any topics in Quant Finance
20 How do I calculate no of lags required for Johansen's cointegration test?
General or any other tip goes here..
3 Why is wireless connection not working in my Windows Vista laptop?
Unix or Linux
3 How do I start learning UNIX GTK on a Windows XP machine?

Question Published on Hits
Code Request Page
16-Feb-2011 15:17
How do I calculate no of lags required for Johansen's cointegration test?
09-Feb-2011 21:02
How do I force a C# project to use x86 in Visual C# 2008 express?
04-Feb-2011 16:50
How do I deploy a C# WPF application with unmanaged dlls in an Apache Linux server?
03-Feb-2011 01:29
How do I interpret Johansens' test results?
30-Jan-2011 04:51
FAQs on Johansen's Cointegration test
30-Jan-2011 03:00
About QuantCode
27-Jan-2011 16:10
How do I get started with MySQL and C#?
24-Jan-2011 01:10
How do I fix errors for atlbase.h and atlthunk.lib not found in Visual C++ 2010 express?
12-Dec-2010 13:54
How do I get started with learning Quickfix in Visual C++ 2010 express?
08-Dec-2010 16:14

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